Grow is a fresh produce agency that consists of 5 companies, each of which serves as a central marketing system for fresh produce. The companies include BothaRoodt Johannesburg (100% ownership), Green Network Fresh Produce (100% ownership), Marco Fresh Produce Agents (100% ownership), Noordvaal Market Agents (51% ownership) and Port Natal Fresh Produce Agents. Combined, we have over 50 specialised sales agents who specialise in the acquisition and sale of fresh produce. Our established infrastructure assists in the facilitation of quick loading, off-loading and product handling, allowing us to move large volumes in a short space of time.

Our business process consists of 7 effortless steps, which is intricately managed by the Grow team. From stage 1 where the farmer makes an enquiry, through to the final stage where proceeds are paid into the farmers account, we take pride in ensuring efficiency and reliability. Grow’s majority shareholder Thebe Investment corporation is a black-owned company and one of South Africa’s leading investment companies. Their investment portfolio spans over a broad range of industries and we are proud to add ‘agriculture’ to their list of investments.

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GROW endeavors to provide the following unique advantages:


Which products can be marketed through Grow?

All types of fresh produce can be marketed through Grow. However, the following factors are considered in terms of marketing and distribution:

  • Demand/supply and availability
  • Full loads vs. half loads
  • Logistics
Are all transactions the same?
  • All transactions at our “Market Agency Businesses” are the same in that we are selling the produce of our producers on their behalf for a commission.
    • These transactions vary from retailing of small volumes to selling pallet lots to bigger buyers.
  • At Green Network we are also selling product on a commission basis but instead of having the product on the sales floor we are negotiating full loads between the producer and the buyer whereby the product moves direct from the farm to the buyer.
How do I know what my net return will be on a load/order?
  • Supply and demand will always determine the price of the day.
  • In terms of Act 12 of 1992, we will report prices achieved to the producer daily.
  • The agreed agents commission plus VAT and the 5% Market Commission plus Vat will then be deducted from the gross sales value to determine the nett return on each consignment.
  • Any other deductions will have to be agreed upon between the agent and the producer.
  • When doing a transaction through Green Network, the sales price and commission to be deducted will be agreed upon before every deal is concluded.
How is price determined?
  • Price is determined based on a few factors namely:
    • Supply and demand.
    • Quality of the product.
    • Packaging.
    • Time of the month.
    • Weather conditions.
  • Our experienced and dedicated sales team will always aim to achieve the highest possible price for your product.
Who manages the transport and transport payment?
  • Normally the producer arranges his own transport.
  • The producer can ask the relevant salesman to assist in arranging transport.
  • Transport is always for the account of the producer.
  • We as agents can deduct the transport from the proceeds of the sale and pay transport on behalf of the producer, should the producer request us to do that.

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